Irish National Seabed Survey Data Access

Coverage Charts to Dec 2005 can be viewed here. Online access to our data is now available here.

By now, as more and more individuals and organisations are becoming aware of the vast dataset associated with the INSS, GSI, as custodians of the data, are receiving substantial amounts of queries concerning usage of the data. In an attempt to try and improve our response time to data requests we have now decided on a system to track data requests and which makes it more efficient for us to handle and process them. Below is a one page data access request form which potential users must complete in order to provide us with some basic information about requirements, deliverables etc.

An incomplete listing of academic research projects that make use of INSS data is available here.

In order to determine what data is available it would be useful for potential users to spend a little time navigating this website, starting with the link to the coverage charts at the top of this page. The 2004 call for Expressions of Interest provides a detail of all data types available at that time. Only the range of data has expanded since then, not the categories. Also useful to peruse would be Products and Pricing. Finally, our accompanying webmapping site, accessible here, is well worth a visit.

webmapping home page


To view the data access form please click here: (pdf version, 62kb).

Forms should be printed off and faxed or posted to Charise McKeon, Marine Section, Geological Survey of Ireland, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin 4. Fax ++353 1 678 2579. Alternatively, the form can be e-mailed to interested parties by requesting it from Charise.

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