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The International Federation of Hydrographic Societies represents the world hydrographic surveying community in over sixty countries with Ireland the latest addition through affiliation with the UK Hydrographic Society. The revamped Federation maintains links between major international companies and individuals alike, with The Hydrographic Journal at the centre of the learned community..

The bi-annual HYDRO conference held in Galway last year also served as the launching pad for the society in Ireland. This branch will serve the growing community of hydrographic surveyors in Ireland through continued professional development on a regional basis. The Royal Institute of Navigation has also recently opened a branch in Ireland and will work closely with the society to promote safety of navigation and lobby on related issues.

It is well recognised by members that an Irish Hydrographic Office is conspicuous by its absence with only two maritime nations in the world (Ireland and the Maldives) not providing this essential service. Further details are available by contacting Sean Cullen at GSI or by visiting

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