Pricing for the Seabed Survey

Data is freely available to download from

Charts can be downloaded from in .pdf format

Data deriving from the Irish National Seabed Survey are now available for purchase from the Geological Survey of Ireland. Pricing details are displayed here. Data is available in paper and digital form. GSI is currently working on a replacement for its now defunct e-store but it will be some time before it will be available. Due to the overwhelming demand for data usage, particularly from academic institutions, we have initiated a standard data application form. See data access for further details.

Paper Products

Paper maps are all 2 x 1 sheets at a scale of 1:250,000. Their prices are as follows. Other scales are now available also i.e. 1:60,000, 1:30,000 and 1:7,500.

Paper Map Products
bathymetry sheet
Multibeam bathymetry, colour contoured 125
Multibeam backscatter 125
Multibeam colour shaded relief 125
Interpreted sub-bottom profiles* 65
Seabed classification** 200
Magnetic anomaly 125
Gravity anomaly 125
Track charts Free
Salinity, temperature, sound velocity distributions Free^
Lamination of any map 19

* Sold by sheet not by line km. 1 line per sheet (75-125kms), ** range not fully available, ^ a small fee may be charged for assembly and delivery of data .


Digital Products
Overall Zone 3 gravity
All Multibeam sheets 625
Seabed classification sheets** 1,000
Gravity and Magnetics data at 2 x 1 sheet ranges - to be purchased from our agent PGW. Contact details here 7,000
Groundtruthing database access charge
Each entry sold at €1 per sample
€2 for geochemistry analysis
€2 for biological analysis
€2 for particle size analysis

All data is sold on a sheet by sheet basis and not as part of sheets.

Prices charged to academic institutions for approved research will be reduced by 33%. Data exchange arrangements will be considered. In fact, in several instances to date academic institutions are using our data in approved projects and so have received the data for free.

If you are interested in learning more about coverage charts or the availablility of products and their prices please click on data access in the first instance or contact Dr. Eibhlin Doyle or Enda Gallagher.


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