Annual National Seabed Survey Seminars

Annual National Seabed Seminar 2003

Over 80 interested parties attended the 2003 National Seabed Survey Seminar on Friday 21st November at GSI offices in Dublin. The annual seminar is now arguably the foremost information and discussion forum for the Irish marine science community. Indeed its sphere of importance is now extending overseas, with a sizeable number of international visitors also in attendance. Mick Goeghegan addressing the INSS Seminar November 2003


An engrossed audience! The main feature of this year's seminar was the shift of focus from data acquisition to data usage and value added projects. In previous years the forum was mainly concerned with reporting on the various acquisition phases being completed. Whilst 2003 saw acquisition continue apace there was clear evidence presented at the seminar that the project and product development phases of the National Seabed Survey have commenced in earnest. Several speakers presented their projects which involve the utilisation of specific segments of the dataset and the addition of value to the dataset through their operation.


The programme for the 2003 seminar is detailed below. To order a free copy of a CD-rom copy of the presentations please contact Enda Gallagher (by e-mail) or telephone at ++353 1 6782834. GSI operated a stand at the conference at which samples of maps, products and seabed samples were available for perusal.


Dr. Peadar McArdle - GSI
Enda Gallagher
"The National Seabed Survey: A Macro View"
Mick Geoghegan
"2003 Activities and Review"
Archie Donovan - GSI
"The IT Architecture - Problems, Updates and Benefits to Ireland Inc"
Fiona Fitzpatrick - Marine Institute
"Marine Institute involvement in NSS - Acquisition and Ancillary Projects"
Daniel Praeg - UCD
"Gas Hydrates West of Ireland: Theoretical Distribution and Seabed Observations"
Mike Cunningham - Southampton Oceanography Centre
"An Evaluation of along- and down-slope Processes between the Goban Spur and the Meridazek Terrace, the Bay of Biscay"
Sean Cullen - GSI/Dara Hayes - Rovtec Systems
"The Tidal Problem"
Shane Rooney - NUIG
"Swath Bathymetry Surveys in the Clew Bay area and around the Dillisk Rocks, 2003"

Jenny Ryan - NUIG*
"Geological Seabed Classification"

David Hardy - GSI/Trinity*
"Early Tertiary Erosion Channels in Donegal Bay"

Padraic Mac Aodha*
"Geohazards in the Porcupine Seabyte: Ref. Telecommunications Cabling"

Eibhlin Doyle - GSI
"The Ground-truthing Programme - Review and Results from Seabed Sampling
Xavier Monteys - GSI
"3D Visualisation of NSS data & Seabed Classification"
Therese Shryane - NUIG
"Final Cruise of the Ocean Drilling Program"
Questions, Public Forum and Panel Discussion



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