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More than 120 interested parties attended the 2004 Irish National Seabed Survey Seminar on Friday 5th November in the Galway Bay Hotel. The annual seminar is now arguably the foremost information and discussion forum for the Irish marine science community. Indeed its sphere of importance is now extending overseas, with a sizeable number of international visitors also in attendance, not all of them arriving via the jointly promoted Hydr04.

This year saw a mammoth programme of 15 presentations (see below) most of them being delivered by non GSI/MI personnel. Following on from last year's shift in focus from data acquisition to data usage and value added projects, this year's seminar further developed this trend. Whilst a small minority of presentations dealt with data acquisition in 2004, most dealt with research projects and industry applications arising out of INSS data.

The presentations were of very high quality and the mix of national and international speakers was impressive. The seminar was imbued with an excellent atmosphere all day long, although the long day may have taken its toll on delegates for the Discussion Forum which opened and closed quite briefly! This was the first time in five years that the venue was away from GSI, and this seems to have a most successful affect on the overall working of the seminar.

The seminar was held in the same venue and on the day after the conclusion of Hydr04, the Biennial Conference of the Hydrographic Society. GSI and the Hydrographic Society actively co-operated in the joint promotion of both events.

The programme for the 2004 seminar is detailed below. The seminar also had an exhibition area jointly operated by GSI and MI. It included displays of posters, video, maps, products and seabed samples. Other organisations involved in INSS also availed of the opportunity to display posters detailing their research projects. A special word of thanks to Kongsberg Maritime who kindly sponsored lunch for all delegates.

All but one of the presentations have been gathered for general distribution and a CD rom is now ready for distribution to all delegates and other interested parties. To order a free copy please contact Enda Gallagher (by e-mail) or telephone at ++353 1 6782834.


Seminar 2004 Programme

Peadar McArdle - GSI
Mick Geoghegan - GSI
"2004 Activities and Review"
Fiona Fitzpatrick - Marine Institute
"Celtic Explorer & Voyager surveys 2004 and Ancillary Projects"
Laurnet Gernigan & Celine Ravaut - Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
"HADES - Deep Seismic: Data and Results"
Gavin Elliot - UCD
"2004 GSI/ISPSG/BGS Hatton-Rockall seismic survey - Initial Results"
Xavier Monteys - GSI & Bill Collins - Quester Tangent
"Multibeam Seabed Classification: Research & Industry Applications"
Questions, then Coffee 11.30
Colin Brown - NUIG
"Summary review of INSS projects in NUIG under MoU with GSI"
David Hardy - GSI/Trinity
"Quaternary and early Geology of Donegal Bay"
Gerry Sutton - Coastal & Marine Resources Centre, UCC
"Multibeam Sonar Mapping and Scallop Stock Assessment: GIS Data Integration in Support of Sustainable Fisheries Management"
Questions, then Lunch sponsored by Kongsberg Maritime 12.40
Sean Cullen - GSI
"Dublin Bay, Amalgamation of 2003/2004 datasets"
Rhys Barker - Tenix LADS
"Laser airborne surveys off the Irish west coast 2002/2003"
Andrew Cooper/Joe Kelley/Derek Jackson - University of Ulster, Coleraine
"Geology of Ireland's only Barrier Island, Bartra"
Martin Wakefield - UKHO
"Updating Admiralty Charts from the INSS"
Mick Gillooly - Marine Institute & Eibhlin Doyle - GSI
"Ireland's Inshore Mapping Strategy"
Questions, then Coffee 15.30
Mike Cunningham - Southampton Oceanography Centre
"Sediment dynamics and slope stability along the Celtic Margin (northern Bay of Biscay)"
Padraic Mac Aodha - NUIG
"Geohazards in the Porcupine Seabight: Telecommunications Cabling"
Questions, Public Forum and Panel Discussion 16.30



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