Contributing to a National Tide Gauge Network

In February 2004 GSI set about establishing a coastal network of control points for the positioning of tide gauges around our coasts. The task involves the identification of locations and their simultaneous benchmarking for tide gauge installation. The results will provide accurate tidal heights in the nearshore areas in which the ships will be surveying, thereby providing a better and "cleaner" quality of data. NW Overview

Setting up the RTK system

RTK mounting and checking GSI realised the need for an accurate system of tide measurement as the Celtic Explorer moved ever closer to the shore last year. We have been using predicted tides in deeper waters and these measurements were entirely satisfactory. However, closer to the shore tides are more dependant on variables such as currents, wind speed etc so predicted tides can be misleading. Hence, before 2004 surveying GSI will have established a series of locations at which tide gauges can be installed at short notice.
The use of the RTK system (inset) allows us to carry out accurate GPS surveying such that the resulting network of control points will be soundly based. The network will, in time, seamlessly and efficiently feed into the forthcoming Irish Tidal Model. For further information see the website


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