Annual National Seabed Survey Seminars

Annual National Seabed Seminar 2002

Annual National Seabed Seminar 2001

Following on from 2000's highly successful seminar, G.S.I. hosted the 2001 Annual Seabed Survey Seminar at our offices in Beggar's Bush on Friday, November 16th. Its format was broadly similar to the 2000 seminar in that it was a full day affair with several presentations occurring and ample time allowed for questions and answers. The exhibition area displayed various posters and several copies of maps and images thus far delivered.

The programme of presentations included some from members of the project team here in the G.S.I. providing the audience with an update on the activities, findings and results of the survey so far, particularly zoning in on the 2001 surveying season. Other presentations were provided by some of our external partners and looked at issues such as the magnetics and gravity results, cetacean research, the Caracole expedition, the Galway Bay survey and Marine Institute input in the survey, amongst other topics of interest to a broad marine audience. At the risk of incurring the wrath of all other presenters I have to report, impartially, that the most widely acclaimed of all presentations was that given by a wee Spanish lass (Natasha) together with some of her underwater friends!! It was a presentation with full acoustic special effects of cetacean activity in Irish waters.

A CD-rom was distributed to members of the audience at the seminar. It included copies of the presentations and a selection of data examples results to give a flavour of the types of data and maps available. To order a free copy of the CD-rom please contact Enda Gallagher (by e-mail) or telephone at ++353 1 6041381. Two sample presentations as linked below have been reproduced here but the full seminar is better reproduced on the CD.


9.30-9.40. Dr. Peadar McArdle - GSI
9.40-10.20. Mick Geoghegan - GSI
"The 2001 Survey Season - A Review. Progress, Findings and Results"
10.20-10.50. Archie Donovan - GSI
"The IT structure that supports the Survey - a 3 Terabyte Data Warehouse"
10.50-11.10. Aidan Gleeson - GSI Client Representative
"The National Seabed Survey - A Rep's Perspective"
11.30-11.55. Jack Fitzsimons - GOTECH
"Sub-bottom Profile Results and Geotechnics in the Whittard Channel"
11.55-12.15. Sean Cullen/Therese Shryane - GSI
"Integration of the Various Datasets - a Practical Demonstration"
12.15-12.45. John O'Sullivan - Marine Institute
"The Galway Bay Hydrographic Survey. What lies beneath....." David Moore - PGW Europe
"Processing and Visualising High Resolution Magnetics and Gravity Data in Irish Waters off the West Coast"

14.05-14.15. Tom Furey - GSI
"A Distribution Map of Newly Identified Mounds and Ridge Features - Possible Coral Occurances"
14.15-14.45. Dr. Anthony Grehan - Martin Ryan Institute, UCG
"The National Seabed Survey: An Important Step towards the Development of Irish Integrated Ocean Management, Part 2." (A follow up to last year's presentation.)
14.45-15.10. Natasha Aguilar - Coastal Resources Centre, UCC
"Acoustic Studies of Cetaceans in Irish Waters Surveyed in the National Seabed Survey" Xavier Monteys - GSI
"Co-operation with Bord Iascaigh Mhara - a Strategic Partnership with the Fisheries Industry"
15.30-15.50. Barry Long - GSI
"International Ocean Drilling: End of the Ocean Drilling Program, Start of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program"
15.50-16.05. Nick O'Neill - CSA Group
"Opportunities arising from the National Seabed Survey, and how YOU can get involved"
16.05-16.30. Public Forum

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